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Sun, Jun. 10th, 2007, 06:47 pm

Juz finished watching Pirates of the carribbian's Sea : At world's End & was blown away by orlando bloom maturity & the fantastic if disgusting details of the whole set.

Lovelly movie though i disliked the ending cuz * Spolers* Wll Turner got seperated with his wife of a day- Keira Knightly- after 'fianlly' killing David Jones. Will bcome the captain of the cursed ship & thus only able to meet his love once every 10 yrs! THATS SO SAD! The only consolation we have is that they have well a few hours to consumate their marriage but STILL! Jack sparrow is well.. free.. but will & his wife got stuck in that sad predictment that makes me.. argh.. feel its so unfair.!!

Anyway, the best thing of the movie is the visualisation ; Orlando Bloom + the darn believable setting.
Orlando being HOT

Of course the once to be hailed as hero is Orlando since he has grown so much from Legolas, the blonde elf to even his first appearance in Pirates' movie.
It touches my heart to see him grow to be so very fine in the world where young & fresh is the code & rule to be followed.

Oh my orlando.. u really are handsome.
'Nuff said.
GD LUCK in E future. Hopefully u will get better..