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Sun, Jul. 29th, 2007, 12:14 am

I had an arguement with my eldest sis just now. While i had had arguements that were much more volaitle, i still found myelf hating her with a depth that frightens me. I truly believes that whatever she & my 4ht sis were talking about are full of nonsence. Such an example would be on last thursday where that bitch got into a fight wiht her husband (deserve it) she joint us for dinner. Throught the time, she & my 4th sis complained to mom abt brother & my 2 nd sis with lots of praise for father & lots lots of self-bragging. It sickens me to no ends throughout . How can they be so evil, this is precisesly how they treat me when i was having trouble with my student pass, that it by complaining to EVERYONE TWICE OR MORE abt the same matters, my 2nd sis was useless. Yes i dont like my 2nd sis w/ her bloody husband cuz i think they watch my gay porn in my comp & when they enter my room, they juz use my compt as if they own it.. so yeah i HATE them ... ALOT.... but still, do u need to brag abt urself so much.. & really, u dare to say that you  are TEACHING me... What kin of BS is that?!?!  Teaching means calling them shit, fuck.. degrade them to no ends.. yeah ..THAT BITCH Is so getting it when i am older. I wish she will end up hated by everyone. She . i believe.. so deserve to be scolded insulted & degraded in front of millions of ppl so juz to realize to think when talking to others. I can guarenteed tt she at e moment is talking/ complainin to mom abt me.. 

-She mentioned abt me wiht my wges, well SHE FORGOT ABT IT FOR 4 MOINTS! OF COURSE I M GONNA BE ANGRY ABT IT!! ITS NORMAL!!! Afterall, she promised me that!!
- She say ' if u dotn talk back to me, i wont lose so much control' = be real okay, u r a bitch so just admit it already.