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Tue, Jul. 22nd, 2008, 11:20 pm
Dark Knight is AWESOME!

Watched it last sunday. Was expecting it to be sinister& cool cuz of the trailer.
bOY.. It was siniter yes & cool but the degre of depth is startling
.. WHoa... I was so not expecting to be sweating out in my seat while listening to Jocker's maniac  cachinnation & those drama & political theories & morals & so on..
My head hurts after watching the movie.
It brilliant & i gotta say, Heath Ledger truly wasa wonderful actor  that earned those money he get!! (The Horror! )
I did not even know he was inside the movie. Heath Ledger was not in the movie, Joker was.
Make up , clothes & CG can only do so much.. Heath's Act just make the best out of them with his acting & breathe a life ( not sane of course..) to the movie. I am so in love with him righ now. 
It so sad that he was not around anymore. Just when he was showing the world just how good he was as an actor ( i actually hated brokeback mountain so this movie actually make me love him after hating him.. a miracle feat..)
Well, he did leave after he had shown the world just how wonderful he was  so its not that bad i suppose.
Anyway, christian bale is so not the main role in this movie... ITs heath Ledger....

Heath Ledger Production Photo          (ICONIC)